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Donate by shopping and booking online

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Our story

The smiles of the children with better condition to eat, to come to school, to study, to have a better life got us started. Life is about the combination of not only living happily but also helping others.

That’s why, weshare.asia was born to support people or causes including the children, the poor, the environment, the education and so forth. We can now create the impact with just shopping online.

We shop, we share.

How it works

WeShare is a platform where you can go shopping online, buy things you want and donate to the charity to support people or causes.

Shop and book rooms online

Weshare.asia offers you a variety of e-commerce and OTA sites. You can find your favorite one and we will redirect you to that site. Then, you can start your shopping journey as always.

Donate for the less fortunate

A part of your invoice will be used to donate to the charity of your choice. That means you can choose to support cause and charity you love. You can support the children, the poor, the environment and so on.

let’s create impact

Shop and give

Make your shopping experience more meaningful by turning it into the impact that helps others, easily and often.

Create impact

Your donation may be small, but significant it will be, soon. “Many a little makes a mickle”, right? Together we will make it.



All the donations are updated on the app so you can easily track your donating process and see how huge the impact you have created.

let’s go together

Raise your funds

Great and easy way to help raise funds to maintain your inspirational activites.

Promote your campaigns

Another good place where you can bring your wonderful campaigns to people.

Expand your impact

A community of kind-hearted people to increase your popularity, to expand your impact.

Friends we met so far

Our charity partners on WeShare that help bring our donations to the ones who need it

Làng Trẻ em SOS Việt Nam

Cùng xây đắp tương lai cho trẻ em khi gây quỹ qua việc mua sắm trên ứng dụng WeShare

Green Vietnam Fund

Đồng hành cùng với ứng dụng WeShare để cùng gây quỹ qua việc mua sắm online

VietSeeds Foundation

Cùng WeShare xây đắp tương lai những sinh viên Việt Nam có hoàn cảnh khó khăn

Journey of Youth

Joy Foundation

Cải thiện đời sống, kết nối và phát triển cộng đồng thông qua các dự án bền vững trong nhiều lĩnh vực cùng WeShare

Journey of Youth

Saigon Children’s Charity

Cùng Saigonchildren và WeShare giúp trẻ em Việt Nam xóa bỏ rào cản đến với giáo dục

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we shop, we share

Donate by shopping and booking online

easily, frequently with no additional cost

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